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Environmental friendly chemicals
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First climate livable city in China – Jiande, Wynca Group Headquarters
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Wynca Group
A-share listed company under Transfar Group

Wynca Group was founded in 1965 and came on the market in 2001,  possessing 76 holding subsidiaries and more than 6,300 employees.

Wynca is mainly engaged in three industries: crop protection, silicon-based new materials and new energy materials. The crop protection industry has formed an integrated development model of "intermediate - original drug - preparation", covering seeds and seedlings, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, crop nutrition and other products, providing comprehensive solutions to ensure food security and help increase yields and incomes. Silicon-based new materials have a complete industrial chain from mining and smelting upstream silicon, organic silicon monomer synthesis and manufacturing downstream products, which are widely used in electric power communication, rail transportation and automobile, medical and health care, consumer electronics and other fields in more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. Based on the strengths of the phosphorus-based and silicon-based industries, New Energy Materials has built comprehensive material solutions around new energy application scenarios, building a new "three-legged" development pattern with the other two industries.

  • Global top 20 agrochemical sales, China's leading enterprise in fluorosilicon industry, China's top 500 manufacturing industry, China's top 500 chemical industry

  • National Innovative Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise, National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

  • National Advanced Enterprise in Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, China Green Factory in Petroleum and Chemical Industry, China Top 100 Private Enterprises in Social Responsibility, Advanced Private Enterprise in Combating Epidemic by the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Environmental Friendly Chemicals
Create a Better Life.
Holding subsidiaries
Number of employees
Top 20 in global agrochemical sales (13th)
Top 500 in Chinese manufacturing(475th)
Chairman's Speech

Plodding its way from Baisha Bank, Wynca group has endured more than half a century of baptism of reform and market economy, witnessing the difficult years of development and growth of Chinese enterprises, and has made its own growth both in scale and strength.

A drop of water can see the wild waves of the sea, a period of years concentrates the struggle spirit, and the spirit can inspire a glorious future. We are delighted and proud of such a journey, which is the result of the wisdom and hard work of all Wynca people and our persistent pursuit of Wynca's cause.

We see hope in times of difficulty, knowing how to persevere in times of adversity, and being prepared for danger in times of prosperity. We do not move blindly, we do not retreat. We persevere our will and we act with determination. We will create a brighter future with contributions that are worthy of our forefathers, our mission and our times.

The power of perseverance is evident in every step of Wynca Group's development.

Because of our persistence, we are culture-led, pursuing excellence, creating value while adhering to customer-first, contribution-based, hard-working and sharing. 

Because of our persistence, we are proud and innovation-driven, committed to becoming a global leader in the field of silicon-based and phosphorus-based new materials and crop protection solutions.

Environmental friendly chemicals create a better life!

Chairman of Wynca Group: 
Chairman's Speech
Qualifications and Honors
Development Process
Wynca Culture
Our Mission

Environmental friendly chemicals create a better life.

Our Vision

Be a global leader in silicon, phosphorus-based  new materials  and crop protection solutions.

Core Values

Customer prior, Contribution oriented, Hard struggle, Co-creating and sharing together.

Our Spirit

Stay exploring,Keep innovating.

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Service Hotline:400-102-9991

Address:No.1 Xinan Building,Jiangbin Middle Road,

Jiande City, Zhejiang Province,P.R.China

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